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Just Like That Just Like That
Jul 6 2017 - 20:28

"The more and more time I spend with you, the more and more I realize that I am doing the one thing I thought I would never do again and that is to fall in love..."

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One Great Love One Great Love
Jul 4 2017 - 18:35

"I love you. An no, I'm not saying this out of pressure or whatever reason. Sinasabi ko 'to dahil ito ang matagal nang totoo. Mahal na mahal kita."

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Chances And Forever Chances And Forever
Jul 2 2017 - 21:51

"Hindi importante sa akin ang kayamanan. Dahil ang pagmamahal ko sa'yo at ang pagmamahal mo sa akin ang tanging kayamanan ko. And you are my treasure I want to keep, forever."

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No Erase No Erase
Jun 28 2017 - 23:55

She kissed Louis with the same passion and intensity. Ah, that was the happy ending she had been hoping to have before.

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The Ladies' Man And The Ex-Monk The Ladies' Man And The Ex-Monk
Jun 26 2017 - 21:01

"Noong nasa ibang bansa ako, I was longing to be home with you. Anywhere. Basta naroon ka, basta kasama ka, that's home to me."

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Pagkakataon Pagkakataon
Jun 24 2017 - 22:39

"Kung nasaan ka man ay naroon din ako. And that won't be a sacrifice. That would be love."

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Rescue Me Rescue Me
Jun 22 2017 - 21:40

"It will always be a pleasure to be of service to the person you deeply love."

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Man In Violet Man In Violet
Jun 21 2017 - 07:09

"I am just protecting my territory. He is mine and what is mine, I keep."

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Mr. Forever Mr. Forever
Jun 18 2017 - 21:52

"I can't live without you, I realized that. Or if I do manage to live, it would be a life devoid of color and happiness. Dahil ikaw ang nagbibigay kulay at kaligayahan sa mundo ko."

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I Kissed Her I Kissed Her
Jun 17 2017 - 23:15

Destiny did its part. They found each other and were keenly cherishing the love they had found.

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