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Working Girl: Hearts At Work Men In Blue: Mamang Bangkero, Isakay Yaring Puso Ko
My Lovely Bride: Aislinn & Henry Working Girl: My Very Own Personal Shopper
Men In Blue: Everyone Hates A Sad Ending The Bachelorettes: Azalea, The Ballerina
Working Girl: Napapangiting Puso My Lovely Bride: Juliet & Wayne
Paalam Sa Kahapon Working Girl: Throw Your Arms Around Me
My Love, My Hero: Sergio Ishmael Cordero The Bachelorettes: Violet, The Businesswoman
My Lovely Bride: Jobelle & Raymart Men In Blue: Hands-On Mr. Janitor Man
Working Girl: Blame It On My Heart My Unlady-Like Levi
Men In Blue: Wanda's Dilemma The Bachelorettes: Carnation, The Veterinarian
My Heart Belongs To You Working Girl: Work Through Her Heart
My Lovely Bride: Mauve & London Men In Blue: Babysitter Of My Heart
I Loved You Before I Met You Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw